Jamie Mathieson

Call 2014


Jamie has been instructed by police forces across the country to represent the police in the Magistrates, Crown and County Courts and before tribunals.


Jamie’s experience includes cases of:

  • Firearms appeals in the Crown Court.
  • Cases involving the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002, particularly cash forfeiture cases.
  • Domestic Violence Protection Orders, including prosecutions for breach resulting in custodial sentences.
  • Sexual Risk Orders, including a case involving a teenager with learning difficulties which was heard by the Youth Court.
  • Sexual Harm Prevention Orders (previously Sexual Offence Prevention Orders), including making police representations on variations.
  • Licensing matters, opposing new licenses and alterations on behalf of the police.
  • Football Banning Orders.
  • Applications for disclosure of information filed in support of search warrants, determined in a closed hearing.
  • Civil actions against the police, including claims alleging wrongful destruction of property.

Recent cases of note include:

  • A sexual risk order application made against a man found by the Family Court to have sexually abused his stepdaughter. The application was successful and resulted in a 10-year order being made by the Magistrates Court, after a lengthy cross-examination of the Respondent who had disputed all of the underlying facts.
  • Defending a police force against a claim for false imprisonment and assault brought by a litigant in person.
  • Successfully challenging an application for a temporary event notice by a curry house seeking to trade as a bar during a major sporting event.
  • A dispute over costs in the Crown Court after a firearms appeal was conceded by a police force.
  • Defeating an appeal against revocation of a shotgun certificate. The court concluded that the appellant possessing guns would pose a risk to the public.

Jamie has also represented police forces at pre-Inquest reviews. He is familiar with working as independent counsel advising on admissibility issues regarding legal professional privilege, and is security-cleared. On pupillage he worked with many members of chambers defending the police against civil actions including claims in negligence, defamation and relating to alleged breaches of PACE.