Facilities for Clients

“A very professional set with a modern outlook”
The Legal 500

Modern premises

Having moved in 2013 to purpose-designed accommodation in the iconic Lutyens Building on Fleet Street, we restructured our office this year to give a more economic use of floor space (reducing costs to Chambers and in turn to clients), and to bring all 20 staff together in a bespoke space.

Conference facilities

Serjeants’ Inn Chambers provides comfortable and spacious conference accommodation. All conference rooms are air conditioned and fully equipped, with large wall screens for the digital review and collaborative drafting of documents.

Please contact us if you would prefer to provide conference documentation digitally rather than bringing your files with you or if you would like to participate by videolink or telephone.

Facilities are available for roundtable meetings, mediations and similar negotiation meetings involving solicitors and their clients by special arrangement.

All-gender toilet facilities are available at Serjeants’ Inn.


Full communications facilities, including video and phone conferencing, Wi-Fi, iPads, light boxes and email, are available on site for clients.  We can also record cons for you without charge: please let us know in advance if that would assist.

We have comprehensive library facilities, including online access to case reports, statutes and statutory instruments, commentaries and precedents. We are always happy to work with clients on research and the use and sharing of precedents, where applicable.

We also have a Chambers intranet, with team discussion groups plus news feeds, precedents and videos of internal training sessions to enhance the expertise and service we offer to clients.

What this means for clients

Our investment in state-of-the-art conference and communications facilities directly improves the service we provide.  As Chambers and Partners comments:

“Interviewees also comment on the set’s impressive premises at 85 Fleet Street, particularly highlighting the integration of technology into the fabric of the building. One source acknowledges that this use of technology sounds like a small thing, but is really important and makes a big difference to a lay client.”