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P in Lockdown: getting in to P and getting P out

20th May 2020

Practical advice for assessments, advocacy and access.

We are delighted to invite you to this Court of Protection webinar which will be hosted by Clarke Willmott and Serjeants’ Inn Chambers.

We will be live streaming this webinar on Wednesday 20th May from 3pm.

The session, chaired by Jess Flanagan and Sophia Roper, will draw on the panel’s experience of difficult issues arising from lockdown, including gaining access to P by professionals (including advocates, representatives, and assessors) and families, and where it is argued that P should move from their usual residence to live with family or friends during the pandemic, and will offer practical guidance across the following topics:

Remote assessments – Elizabeth Fox

a.  Advocacy & RPR visits

b.  Care Act & Social Services and Well-being Act (Wales) assessments

c.  Capacity assessments

P in the community – Rhys Hadden and Molly Fensome-Lush

a.  Legal considerations – the Coronavirus Regulations and social distancing

b.  Case studies – looking at issues and examples in England and Wales

Contact – Camille Ivinson

a. Family access and contact – practical suggestions, what do the regulations in England & Wales say and recent case law

b. Social media – time to relax restrictions on social media use and access to phones for some young people?

Getting P home – Emma Sutton

a.  What the Court of Protection (COP) can and cannot do

b.  Case law

c.  What evidence will the COP need for pushing trials at home / return home

d.  Discussion on what types of cases should go to the COP and what can be done pre-issue to avoid applications to the COP

If you would like to RSVP for this event or have any further questions please contact the Client Care Team. We will be taking written questions throughout the webinar and hoping to summarise themes to form the basis of a panel discussion at the end of the presentations. Please do send any questions you may have prior to, or during, the webinar.

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