Adrian Hopkins KC

Call 1984 | Silk 2003

Adrian Hopkins KC | Call 1984 | Silk 2003

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Adrian has undertaken inquest work since the start of his career.  He represents bereaved families, and other properly interested persons such as private hospitals, doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals, and NHS Trusts.  His experience extends to representing the Home Office in respect of deaths in prison, and the MOD in respect of deaths in the armed services.

Inquests & Inquiries

“Very intelligent, humane and astute, he never loses his cool.”
Chambers & Partners

Mr Entenman deceased: Adrian was instructed on behalf of the London Bridge Hospital in this inquest.


Inquests can be stressful occasions not only for relatives of the deceased but also for those whose actions are under scrutiny.  Adrian recognises the need for sensitivity when representing his clients at times of stress.

cases & work of note

Notable inquests include:

  • Mr Entenman deceased, 2016 (Instructed for the London Bridge Hospital)
  • Mr S. Fagan deceased, 2015 (Instructed on behalf of The Harley Street Clinic)
  • Mr Jones deceased, 2015 (Instructed on behalf of The Wellington Hospital)
  • Baby J Livermore, 2015 (Instructed on behalf of The Portland Hospital)
  • Robbie Powell deceased  (Death of child from undiagnosed Addison`s Disease. Instructed on behalf of 4 GPs)
  • Mr B. Woolhead deceased  (Rapid detoxification of drug addict. Instructed on behalf of Consultant Anaesthetist providing detoxification treatment)
  • Capt. Kelly deceased (Live fire accident and medical treatment. Instructed on behalf of the MOD)
  • R v H.M. Coroner for Greater London, ex p. Diesa Koto  (1993) 157 J.P.R. 857 (Judicial review of inquest. Instructed on behalf of Coroner.)
  • Miss E. Ford deceased, and Mr K. Kirkman deceased Birmingham (Kirkman, a mental patient, was conditionally discharged into the community. He killed Miss Ford and subsequently committed suicide. Instructed on behalf of Kirkman’s Consultant Psychiatrist.)
  • Mr O. Blackwood deceased  (Mental patient, death in Broadmoor after IM injection. Instructed on behalf of doctor.)