Michael Horne KC

Joint Head of Chambers

Call 1992 | Silk 2016

Michael Horne KC | Call 1992 | Silk 2016

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Michael has defended doctors and dentists before their regulatory bodies for over 20 years.  He has appeared before all the various committees of the General Medical Council (MPTS) and the General Dental Council.  His work has tended to focus on cases involving clinical misconduct or dishonesty, but also includes health and performance cases.  Michael is well-known for his particular expertise in dental matters.

Professional Discipline & Regulatory

“I am staggered at how good he is. He has a strong civil background but also criminal advocacy skills.”
Chambers & Partners

“An attractive advocate who is extremely personable and reasonable, he excels due to his extremely thorough case preparation.”
Chambers & Partners

cases & work of note

  • GDC v A: neglect and dishonesty in failing to provide remedial treatment on NHS
  • GDC v B: longstanding health case involving alcohol dependency
  • GDC v D: conviction for dishonesty; administrative removal for register; jurisdiction to continue proceedings
  • GDC v E: misconduct and dishonesty in refusing to complete courses of treatment
  • GDC v F: failures in treatment planning and consent for whole mouth dental implants
  • GDC v J: supervised neglect and dishonest NHS claiming in respect of 16 patients
  • GDC v M: widespread and longstanding failures of basic dentistry
  • GDC v O: clinical director of national corporate; responsibility for organisational failings and individual clinical errors
  • GDC v R: GDC’s longest case against individual dentist in relation to non-mainstream temporo-mandibular joint dysfunction
  • GDC v W: entrapment of dental therapist to act outside scope of practice
  • GDC v W: misconduct in treatment planning for implant patients; dishonesty in relation to choices, charging and records
  • GMC v B: performance case for GP with all-encompassing deficiencies
  • GMC v F: conviction for possession of drugs, health issues, breach of conditions
  • GMC v J: restoration of GP following erasure for convictions for fraud
  • GMC v M: allegations of incompetence, dishonesty, and cover-up in relation to programme director’s treatment of medical students
  • GMC v M: dishonesty alleged against GP in relation to changes in patient’s will; legal advice privilege
  • GMC v P: dishonest appropriation and misuse of research grants; health mitigation


“Well established in the healthcare field and particularly noted for his knowledge of the dentistry sector.”
Chambers & Partners 

“Michael Horne is a senior junior well versed in matters before the GMC and GDC. His knowledge of dentistry cases is such that one source speculated: I think he could actually perform dental treatments himself.”
Chambers & Partners

“Michael Horne is described as superb on the dental side. Thorough, well-prepared and approachable, he gets results.”
Chambers & Partners

“Michael Horne is an impressive performer on his feet as well as in written submissions. Immensely resourceful when it comes to medical matters generally, he is something of an expert on the dental side.”
Chambers & Partners 


There can be few Chambers where tenants are given the responsibility of defending doctors and dentists before their regulatory bodies as early in my career as I was.  I have fond memories, no doubt rose-tinted, of appearing in the austere setting of Hallam Street and Wimpole Street rather than in the more functional surroundings that the MPTS and GDC use today.

“I aim to be a calm and understated advocate, focused, but robust where necessary.”

Although the regulatory landscape has undergone enormous change over the time I have been practising in this area, the essential aspect of the work has not.  I always think it essential to examine the facts of the case in detail as early as possible so that we can identify areas of weakness, ensure that the practitioner appreciates them, and adopt a strategy that stands the best chance of the practitioner demonstrating both insight and remediation by the time of the final hearing.

Practitioners inevitably find a regulatory experience to be amongst the most stressful experiences of their lives.  I never underestimate this.  It important to take the time to listen to their concerns, understand their objectives, advise realistically, so that together we can form the most effective strategy.

I aim to be a calm and understated advocate, focused, but robust where necessary, and always with the single aim of ensuring that the practitioner achieves the best outcome possible.